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Chances are you’re interested in trying new wine. Maybe you drink a bottle a week…maybe a bottle a day – thats cool too! :) Whatever the case may be, now’s the time to step your wine game up.

Once a week , you’ll receive a must have wine recommendation, from the best of what the pros are drinking, to under the radar goodness. No matter the year or region, we are going to find it, uncork it, and share our knowledge and experiences with you.

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Hey Everyone!

Hey Everyone,

I’m almost 100% certain that nobody is reading this…Anyway…

I just want to welcome everyone to my new project – Wine Rock Star. Wine Rock Star is cool because not only is going to help me learn more about wine, but I’m hoping to drink a lot more as well. I’m looking forward to sharing all the things I learn along the way with you, and hopefully you have some stories of your own to share.  To me it’s not just about wine and every bottle has a story to tell… we’re all ears!

About the blog: 

I decided to name the blog Wine Rock Star for no particular reason other then I thought it was pretty cool.

When I began looking for resources to help me learn more, I was literally bored to shit. I’m not kidding! Learning about wine isn’t fun unless you’re drinking it. So, I started WineRockStar – A fun place for people who want to learn about wine online and stay awake.

My hope is to make this site a resource for all things wine. We’ll drink wine, take notes, and share our findings with you over our email newsletter. Also, we will be building a directory of vineyards, wine clubs, posting information on wine events, and offering a community board for discussions.  We look forward to connecting with you in the future.